Pheasantry Brewery Documentary Wedding

I just wanted to share this lovely moment that was happing just before the Bride and Groom were about to walk through their confetti tunnel at Pheasantry Brewery.

I seriously love capturing memories like this, moments like this go towards telling a truly fantastic story of your wedding day.

It was so nice to capture this as I later found out that the couple in this image were actually in fact getting married the following week.

If you love the way I capture weddings and you are looking for a Nottingham Wedding Photographer I would really like to hear from you.

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Venue: Pheasantry Brewery

Bride: Nicola

Groom: Andrew

Wedding Date: 22nd June 2019

Date Booked: 6th February 2018

pheasantry brewery
pheasantry brewery

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Nottingham wedding photographer Austen Blakemore, provides the ultimate wedding photography experience.

Capturing your magical moments from the bridal prep all the way through to your first dance. 

I specialise in capturing natural, candid images that really do tell the story of your wedding day as well as ensuring you get the group and couple photos that you require. 

I have been capturing stunning wedding photographs for over 10 years working with couples and their families to ensure they get the images they’ve always dreamed of and more. 

Using my experience and personality I can keep the attention of your guests for those all important group photos reassuring  you of the most professional and reliable service. 

I would love to hear from you to discuss how I can make your wedding day photos from a dream to a reality. 

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Here are a selection of images outlining how I love to capture all those beautiful memories.

Mr And Mrs Carter Our Story At Walled Gardens Beeston

Venue: Walled Garden Beeston

Bride: Leigh

Groom: Tom

Wedding Date: 12th May 2018

Date Booked: 9th August 2016

Me and Tom first met officially in the October of 2010, I was working at our local pub, on the shift that Tom had worked 2 years prior untill he left to work somewhere else.

It was my night off, I was in the pub with a friend and Tom was on the hit box playing bejewelled all wrong, me being me I had to take over and show him how it was done, he got my number off a friend that night but didn’t realise it was the wrong number.

He later confessed he thought it was on purpose and didn’t think I was interested, I had shown some interest and got his number off the same friend and to text him - that was the beginning.

Fast forward 2 years and we finally decide it’s ready to buy our first house, we get fixed up and moved in on the 24th August 2012, we set too work doing it up but within a few months we find out we are expecting our first child.

Before we have been in our home 1 year our son Oliver arrives on the 21st August 2013, I had been dropping hints about marriage since Oliver had arrived and on Christmas Day 2014 Tom finally asked me to marry him, not the traditional way but in his own romantic way.

There were 3 presents wrapped up one inside of the other with little notes, will you.... be my.... wife? Of course Tom didn’t say a word, I still cried happy tears and of course said yes !

We decided on a long engagement but wanted to book as soon as possible. On viewing the walled garden in beeston we knew it was the place for us, we decided on our date 12th May 2018 and booked the walled garden in January 2016 ( plenty of time to pay and plan I said)

On the 24th June 2016 we move into our second, this was our forever home.

We didn’t need to do any research into our photographer we just knew we wanted Austen after a friend had recommended him and we had seen his work, we emailed and spoke on the phone, went to meet him and booked him as soon as we knew our date was free!, all in about 2 days!

January 2017 I found THE dress although I had just found out we was expecting our second child, that didn’t stop me Buying it off the rail in the only size they had that fit me! We welcomed our second child our baby girl Maisie on the 23rd July 2017 and few month later I did the dreaded dress fitting to see if it still fit - and it did! The count down to the big day had begun in the new year and everything was coming together perfectly and we were stress free!

Our day was amazing and beautiful. Our son didn’t want to leave my side so he walked me with my dad down the isle and stood with me and Tom during the outdoor ceremony.

Austen managed to grab one of my favourite photos of the whole day during the ceremony of Tom and Oliver’s shoes together, you really must see it. Austen worked so hard throughout the day and did a fantastic job of capturing so many beautiful photos from the whole day.

Family and friends have been blown away by our images and we couldn’t thank Austen enough for the amazing memories he’s been able to capture for us too look back on. We highly recommend Austen to anyone wanting beautiful candid photos that really capture the essence of your big day.

Mr And Mrs Carter

Mr And Mrs Jackman Our Story

Venue: Swancar Farm

Bride: Jodie

Groom: Leon

Wedding Date: 29th August 2018

Date Booked: 15th march 2018

Austen’s memorable moment: Leons attempt at the Dele Alli Challenge

Leon & I met 13 years ago! Always a giggle when anyone asks how we met! The answer is I thought he was somebody else & he came over very confused, and said “who do you think I am”

Fate struck we exchanged numbers 13 years later, a wonderful son “Dylan” & my step son “Jayden” & home owners on our journey through life together.

Leon proposed to me Christmas Day morning 2015! It was all quite comical what should have been romantic turned into Leon giving me a present which I couldn’t work out if it was an engagement ring as he didn’t say straight away! Then him getting down onto one knee & started asking but our son bumped into him so he fell over forwards & at that point we all laughed, I said “yes” & then it all hit me a few minutes later & then the happy tears came.

The wedding was booked at the first venue “SwanCar Farm” we knew as soon as we walked in it was the perfect place for us, it just felt right.

We were to be married 2017 on Valentine’s Day. However some devastating news delivered to me by my father in Jan 2017 that he had cancer. The wedding was cancelled & sadly my father passed away that June & I said “I’ll never get married without him”

That was it my mind was made up & on we went on our journey always to be loved but never to be wed. October came around & all of a sudden like a lightbulb like of moment “Dylan can walk me down the aisle” Dylan is on the autistic spectrum & is the most amazing boy in the world! & him & my dad had a special bond. That was it the wedding was back on! 

I was pretty laid back I already had a dress & everything else just seemed to flow, I didn’t stress or worry what was meant to be seemed to be.

I called Swancar for a photographer & we were passed two contacts the first was Austen so I casually picked up the phone & had an instant connection with Austen! I booked him there & then. Austen then asked to meet so we could get a good idea of his work & we could all have a chat. Again soon as we spoke I knew he was “our guy”

August the 29th rolled round in a heartbeat & the evening before myself & my sister (my only sibling) prepared the tables for the following day, it was very emotional for us thinking about our dad & the most bizarre thing happened! A robin flew in & the night porter was chasing it all over the place in the end the robin flew into the bar area & the porter closed the door. We decided that dad had come along & went to chill for a drink while his girls continued the prep.

I didn’t sleep with nerves & excitement & was up bright & early making sure everything was ready for everyone. As we were getting ready Austen popped into the bridal suite full energy & smiles & he fitted in with us girls well haha. Taking shots but somehow it was like he was just part of the bride squad & we were all really relaxed.

Little panic at the start of the day! I collected all the cakes the evening before. They were brought out to the car so I didn’t check the boxes. The wedding planner popped up & asked where the “wedding cake” was! I said “it’s in the kitchen” she said “no I don’t think it is, there are some cupcakes & two small cakes? No wedding cake” I followed her down into the kitchen as soon as I walked in, I knew I didn’t even have to look! The shop hadn’t put the wedding cake in. Hayley our wedding planner for swancar got straight on the phone & I gave permission for her to sort it out on my behalf. I was really calm as what’s the point in panicking? It’s not going to change anything. I said “if there is a mistake & my actual cake isn’t there, just send anything” I then went back up to the suite to continue getting ready at which point Austen came back in & said “by the way I think your awesome” I said “wow, thanks why” he continued “the way you just handled that was amazing most people would have screamed, shouted & cried about it & you just took it in your stride” I kind of felt quite composed about the rest of the day as I thought “I can handle anything” on the bonus side the company sent the cake with three staff a bottle of champagne, flowers & chocolates! Proof staying calm pays off.

The time came to walk up the aisle, I choose to walk to Coldplay’s paradise. The only wobble I had was as I was just about to turn the corner I had to turn back as I felt I was going to break down & cry my eyes out & be unable to stop. I took a deep breath & held my little boys hand & off we went together to meet at the end to my future husband. 

Me, Leon & Dylan all held hands throughout the ceremony & We places Saint Christopher’s around the boys necks just after we exchanged rings so they felt involved as we were all in a way getting married.

It was all very, very special & beautiful & as much as me & Leon loved each other we felt the love from everyone in the room & it is a moment I’ll remember forever.

The rest of the day was so magical & I could see Austen working so hard to get the best shots of our day & he was high, low, under, over! Everywhere & we all loved him! He became not just our photographer but a part of our day & a friend.

The album speaks for itself, it shows the journey in the most honest & beautiful way & if it’s possible it’s beyond our expectations.

My advice to anyone getting married is you don’t have to spend thousands! Just have the people that mean the most, a good venue, good food & a great photographer to catch it all as memories are priceless.

Un edited and straight from Jodie her self, if you are looking for a Nottingham Wedding photographer please feel free to contact me.

Mr And Mrs Stocchino our story

Venue: Shottle Hall

Bride: Kimberley

Groom: Simon

Wedding Date: 16th September 2018

Date Booked: 30th January 2018

Austen’s memorable moment: The Bestmans epic execution of cutting Simons tie off !!

Simon and I met in 2010, after 4 years together Simon got down on one knee and proposed to me in a beautiful Italian restaurant and of course I said yes! 

Another 4 years went by and no plans of getting married but that was about to change. Simon had been on Nights and came home at 9am, as always Aurora (our dog) ran to greet him at the front door. Aurora then came running back upstairs with a note attached to her collar. It read ‘Mummy, Daddy wanted me to ask you if you would do him the honour of marrying him on September 16th at Shottle Hall?’

Before I could even register what was happening Simon was stood in front of me with a huge grin on his face saying ‘well?’ Simon had booked it all without me even knowing! How he managed to keep it a secret I do not know. After the shock had passed it was straight into planning the rest of the wedding as I was getting married in only 7 months time! 

Simon took me to see Shottle Hall about a week later and it took my breath away, the chandeliers across the house and the marquee were stunning. I could see straight away why he chose this venue as he knew I would love it. The grounds of the venue were beautiful, just fields all round, so peaceful and picturesque. I could already see our wedding coming together.

I managed to fall in love with a dress pretty quickly too, my dress made me feel like a princess (who doesn’t want to feel like a princess on their wedding day).  We went for a nice simple colour theme of white and peach as this was my Mum and Dad’s colour theme when they got married many years ago. I had a simple and elegant bouquet of roses as they are my favourite.

Fast forward to the most amazing day of our lives, we couldn’t have asked for it go any better. I cried all the way down the aisle but it really was the most amazing moment finally walking towards the love of my life, my best friend and my Husband to be with my Dad by my side. The rest of the day was perfect, the food was amazing our cake was stunning and the venue just spoke for itself. 

When it came to the photos unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side. This is where I have to give credit to Austen Blakemore, his creativity and passion throughout the whole day was recognised by all at the wedding. He promised me I would get beautiful photos no matter what the weather was doing and he was right. After receiving our photos we were over the moon with how they have turned out. To know you have a photographer that is fully committed and will do anything to ensure you get the perfect shots and capture all the special moments is just what a Bride needs on her big day. I would recommend Austen to anyone in a heartbeat. 

My tips for anyone planning their wedding at the moment would be to not worry about the small things such as centrepieces and venue decorations as you really don’t even notice them on the day, take in every moment as the day is gone in a flash and make sure you get a photographer that has a passion for what he/she does because the photos are your memories to treasure forever, spend the money because you will never be able to re take them.

To go from having no plans to get married and having the surprise of a lifetime to now being a Wife all within 7 months is such a beautiful story to tell. 

Mrs Stocchino

Mr And Mrs Hutchinson Nottingham Wedding Photographer

Venue: The Carriage Hall

Bride: Vicky

Groom: Pete

Wedding Date: 16th December 2017

Date Booked: 23rd February 2017

Most memorable moment: The energy of Vicky's sister and her partner during the group photos

This was such a lovely wedding, I we started the bridal prep at Vicky and Pete's home with Mum, sister and many other family and friends, the atmosphere was relaxed and Vicky's sister was in charge of distributing the alcohol (this was the start of why some group photos were so wild)

The ceremony it's self was at The Carriage Hall where we had a lovely Christmas wedding feeling with a huge 15 ft Christmas tree taking pride of place in the corner of the ceremony.

Although it was cold we still managed to get outside in the crispy December air and take some lovely Bride and Groom portraits of the newly married Mr and Mrs Hutchinson.

If you like my work and your looking for a Nottingham Wedding Photographer to capture all those natural images I would've to hear from you.