Nottingham Council House Bridal Photos

Model: Becky Wrench

Venue:Council House Nottingham

Makeup: Lilly Monroes

Hair: Lilly Monroes 

On Wednesday I had the Nottingham Council House to myself along with the stunning model Becky Wrench and a beautiful dress from Brides And Gowns.

This shoot had been booked with Jenny and the team for over a month, the plan was to capture a WOW image within the Nottingham Council House for their new website that is currently in the design stage.

This building has so many beautiful locations to to photograph in, you really could just spend the entire day photographing here (oh yes sorry we actually did)

We had an amazing day and captured some absolutely stunning images within this grand Nottingham Wedding Venue.

As a full-time Nottingham Wedding Photographer I have photographed so many wedding here throughout the years but now I finally managed to spend the entire day here rather than just my average 90 minutes.

Below are just some of the images we captured along with a few images showing how the images looked without and off camera flash lighting.

Thank you Jenny and the team for making us all feel so welcome.

Austen Blakemore