Nottingham Wedding photographer Colwick Hall

Venue: Colwick Hall

Bride: Claire

Groom: Owen

Wedding Date: 23rd September 2017

Date Booked: 24th May 2016

Most memorable moment: The faces on the guests as they opened their coasters that had been printed on the day.

Credit: Mike at Bloom promo you smashed it with the coasters !!!!


I've know Claire for some time before her wedding as our paths have crossed before as Claire is already in the wedding industry as she is a professional wedding dress designer at Truly Bridal.

Claire had followed my wedding photography for some time and eventually after so many attempts Owen was actually able to propose to Claire and the wedding date had been set.

When I say Owen was actually able to propose I mean there were many times when Owen had come close to going down on one knee but due to situations going on around him he wasn't able, just two of the stories Owen told me was he was first he was at Heathrow airport all prepared to propose in New York City, however rather than going down on one knee Owen decided to get a hernia whilst still in the Uk resulting in them having to cancel their journey to the Big Apple.

Three months later Owen all prepared to propose to Claire on weekend and had everything planned ready and then on the Friday before Claire's friend announced she was getting married so Owen decided to change his plans, poor Owen attempted at least 5 times that I know of.

Their wedding was planned and everything was going to be perfect, Claire would get ready at her Mum and Dad's house in Wollaton where she grew up and then Travel with her Dad to Colwick Hall Hotel.

There was a HUGE surprise install for ALL the wedding guests !!

During the morning as guests were arriving at Colwick Hall Owen (Groom) was taking photos of ever guest at the wedding doing anything they liked in front of the camera.

Why was he doing this ?

This is where it gets awesome......

Mike from  was sat just around the corner of the wedding venue patiently awaiting the photos, as Owen was taking the images he was sending them direct to Mike who was all set up and printing the image taken and putting it on a coaster that in 3 hours time would be on the table where each person was sat all nicely wrapped up and presented ready fro each guest to open and see themselves looking at them. 

How awesome was this on a scale of 1-10 well I'm I'm honest this was completely off the scale !!

The guests erupted as they were all told to open them at the same time, never in my history as a wedding photographer have I ever seen a reaction like this, personally Mike at Bloom Promo (tel:0115 987 6567) should do this more often.

Claire and Owen what an absolute pleasure it was to be your Nottingham Wedding Photographer and capture so many beautiful memories for you both.

Here are just a few images to tell the story of their wedding day.