Portrait Photography Behind The Scenes

I would just like to quickly tell you about this set up and show you a behind the scenes image of this Nottingham Portrait Photographer experience with Corey.

I had Corey in the entrance to my studio, as close to the edge of the door as possible so the natural light that was on his face was the best possible quality I could get (it was a lovely overcast day)

I metered for Corey face in camera and dialled those settings into my camera, as I was photographing in manual mode this resulted in me being in full control of the lighting and the look of the image.

Then I place the the two Elinchrom strip boxes behind Corey, these would give Corey this lovely rim light around him, it wasn’t just a case of plonking the lights into the scene and hey presto there’s my image, I did have to fine tune the light output by taking test shots and also explain to Corey that every time he moved forward and backwards I had to start again ;-) (thats kids for you)

The background used is a Lastolite background used was the shutter and distressed door, I love this background, in fact this is my go to background for most of my edgy portraits.

I know i’m no great author and my blogging skills are not up there with the best of the best but you have to start somewhere.

Austen Blakemore

Nottingham portrait Photographer_0170.jpg