Nottingham Wedding Photographer Mr And Mrs Stafford

Venue: Springfield Hall Sandiacre



Wedding Date: 8th April 2017

Date Booked: 30th March 2016

Most memorable moment: Talk of the day was that Lastolite Scrim


8th April we knocked on the door at Hollie's bridal prep, we were greeted by a extremely nervous and anxious Hollie who looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

15 minutes later.......

The glasses were clinking and the smiles were out, Hollie and her bridesmaids were in full swing and the atmosphere was electric, everyone was in such a fantastic mood, even Gatsby the cat had to escape the mayhem and get outside for some peace and quiet.

Hollie's Mum soon turned up with supplies of fresh sandwiches and more alcohol for the girls, Hollie's sister Harriet was in full swing and now currently taking the alcohol by intravenous drip !!

The sun was beating in through their patio door and casting large un sightly shadows so out came the Lastolite scrim to soften that harsh sunshine and gave us some nice soft usable light.

Harry (Groom) sent flowers and a lovely letter to his Bride, Hollie stood reading this out as everyone including myself had a tear in their eyes, the love, passion and emotion in the letter was beautifully written.

During the bridal prep we got wind that Harry was down the road in the pub with his best men so we decided to grab ours cameras and make a quick dash for the pub and capture 15 minutes worth of images with the Groomsmen.

Hollie and Harry said "I do" at Trowel Church and then made their was to Springfield Hall in Sandiacre for their evening reception.

Hollie and Harry how can I sum your day up........

You are such a lovely couple and were an absolute pleasure to work with, Hollie your smile could light a room, thank you so much for choosing Austen Blakemore Photography as your preferred Nottingham Wedding Photographer to capture all those lovely candid moments.


Austen Blakemore