The Raymen's At Magnolia Park Wedding Venue

Venue: Magnolia Park 



Wedding Date: 23rd October 2016

Date Booked: 3rd June 2015

Relaxed was not the word to use for Bride Natalie !!

What i'm trying to say is Natalie was so calm, chilled and relaxed that I doubt even aliens landing in the car park would have phased her.

I travelled from my Nottingham Portrait Photographer studio in Stapleford to Magnolia park in about 2 and a half hours including stopping for that vital McDonalds breakfast on the way.

For Natalie's bridal prep I would arrive at 10am to capture everything on a documentary basis, the ceremony was at 12pm where Natalie would be walked through the ceremony doors and up to Daniel by her Father, the pressure was on as Natalie's Dad was so ill on the day the he would only walk her down the isle and then unfortunately have to U-turn round and leave the ceremony.

It was crucial that I walked away from the wedding with the most beautiful image of Natalie and her Dad as he walked down the isle, I had a very small window of opportunity to capture this as after all he was only walking a small distance before he was there at the top of the altar.

I'm pleased to say I managed to capture a stunning set of images of the both off them walking down the isle and as mentioned above Natalie's Dad left his beautiful daughter with his soon to be Son in-law Daniel.

I have photographed at so many luxurious wedding venues and I have to say I really do like this venue, yes the day was cold but the weather was a lovely overcast day allowing guests to make their way outside for the official photos on the group list.

Natalie it really was a pleasure and an honour to have been chosen as a Nottingham Wedding Photographer to travel so far to document yours and Daniels wedding day, 

Thank you so much

Austen Blakemore 


Dad made a full recovery and came with his daughter to view the wedding images and live the day on a 150" projection.