Harrison James Davies Baby Portraits

Congratulations to my niece Lara who gave birth to her lovely son Harrison on at 4:36am on 3/4/16 weighing 8lbs.

Lara you will make a great Mum, everyone is so proud of you for the woman you have become, life has not been easy but you get out of life what you put into it, you have turned your life round and now becoming a Mum will be the making of you.

Sheree (Sister) Jamie (brother in-law) well you are both two very proud grandparents now and I know you will be there to help and support Lara when it comes to baby sitting and obviously stepping up to the mark with the odd night feed as well ;-)

Here are a few baby Portraits I have taken of little man last week, I totally adore the image of the two of you together as he is looking out window at the world wanting to already explore every avenue.

Austen Blakemore Nottingham Portrait Photographer