Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club Mr And Mrs Charles

Venue: Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club

Bride: Natalie

Groom: Tom

Wedding Date: 26th March 2016

Date Booked: 28th February 2016

Entertainment: Beefys Caricatures

My most memorable moment: Watching Natalie and Tom as they both couldn't wait to see what Beefy had drawn of them both ;-)


We are only in March and already I have another Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club wedding for me, today I was photographing Natalie and Tom as they say "I do" wishing the grounds of this beautiful Nottingham venue.

Natalies bridal prep was at Toms parents house in kimberley, their ceremony was at 2pm where she would very proudly travel up there with her Father and her Nan who both would walk Natalie down the isle.

The red carpet at The Nottinghamshire was covered with beautiful white petals all ready for Natalie to very proudly walk down the isle with her Nan and Father arm in arm towards her groom Tom who early awaited her.

First down the isle was their Son Noah with two stunning bridesmaids by his side as he made his way to his Daddy.

After the ceremony the heavens opened and a gale force wind struck the city of Nottingham with a vengeance, although it rained it didn't stop Natalie and Tom having a great time within the warm settings of the  Nottinghamshire.

The rain did eventually stop for a short period of time allowing the bridesmaids and best men to make their way outside and clearly celebrate in style !!!

Natalie and Tom thank you so much for booking Austen Blakemore Photography to capture your wedding day celebrations.