Rowton Castle Charlotte And Wayne

Venue: Rowton Castle

Bride: Charlotte

Groom: Wayne

Wedding Date: 2nd January 2016

Date Booked: 25th May 2015

My most memorable moment: Capturing my most wonderful family photo of my career.


Charlotte has followed my work on my Facebook Page for many years and has always said "when I get married your my photographer"

May 25th Charlotte calls me and I cal already hear the excitement in her voice.....

Austen get your diary open i’m getting married

Charlotte and Wayne's wedding day was finally here, although it was a cold winters day the weather was great and everyone was in great spirits.

Charlotte's bridal preparations were in the brand new Tower House suite offering a luxurious bathroom and stunning twin bedded room, Charlotte was having a great time as everyone ate eclairs and drank champagne during the morning.

Wayne was relaxed (well ok a little nervous) in the morning but was having a great time with his kids in the grounds of Rowton Castle outside whilst his bride Charlotte was preparing at the other end of the building.

The ceremony's great and there were tears to be captured and smiles throughout the entire day, everyone had a truly fantastic time, even Charlotte managed to dance on a few tables after we had pack up and gone !!

Charlotte and Wayne thank you so much for booking Austen Blakemore Photography to capture the emotion of your day.

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Rowton Castle