Katie And Dan Monkwood Farm

Katie and Dan's wedding day was held at Katie's family home surrounded by acres and acres of fields with beautiful views that went on as far as the eye could see.

Next to the house was a stunning Tip where guests would congregate and the ceremony would be held, after the ceremony everyone made their way out to the ground where I would capture the candid memories that everyone will treasure.

I had approximately 90 minutes to capture the candid images an their required group shots, I spent around 45 minutes captures the candid wedding photography images and the went on to make way way through the group list.

katie and dan were very relaxed and just insisted I capture the wedding day just how it was on the day, the weather was perfect fro the candid photos and group shots, after the last group photo was taken you could see the weather was about to change for the worse.

Before the heavens opened I spent about 15 minutes with Katie and Dan capturing their bridal portraits,after capturing the bridal portraits i assured Katie and dan that if the rain cam on full pelt would they like to create a stunning image in the rain "of course they replied"

I'm pleased to say that yes it did rain later on but by no means did this spoil any part of their day,

Please feel free to leave any comments below for Katie and Dan and I hope you like the Wedding photography that was captured, below are just a few to show their wedding day and the great time that was had by all, i'm a Nottingham wedding photographer who travels the Uk capturing wedding memories.

Austen Blakemore