Easycover Camera case

Two weeks ago I purchased an Easycover camera case for my Canon 1dxii, it arrived well packaged and within 72 hours of me ordering it from UK Highland Camera Case

I'm a full time professional wedding photographer and like many other professional photographers my kit isn't wrapped up in cotton wool and treated with kid gloves, it can often be seen placed on gravel or in a flower bed to the side of me whilst I interact with my bride and groom during a group photos.

As you can imagine when your shooting 40+ weddings a year this can take its toll on your equipment, my cameras when I come to trade them in often look like I was the photographer in a Bagdhad war zone, the result in this is my investment is worth somewhat less than what it would be had I stayed away from that gravel path or flower bed.

When I opened the packaging I was quite surprised how flimsy it felt so if i'm honest I didn't hold out much chance of this lasting a full days wedding photography.

How wrong was I !!!!

So I'm now over 5 weddings into using the Easycover camera case and I love it, yes its made the camera that little bit bigger in my hands but it feels nice to hold and being rubber my hands grip to it nicely.

I also must point out that along with this I do also use the Spider Holster and they both work and fit really well together, the housing is self fits like a glove and is an exact match to the actual 1dx Mark ii body its self, so much so I didn't even think it would fit it was that precise !!

The buttons all line up perfectly and they are clearly labeled up so if you need to glance at your camera you can clearly see the name of the button you are about to engage.

I honestly can't fault this and wish i'd brought one for every other camera I have previously purchased, the result would probably mean I'd have a few more extra quid to spend on those all important lenses.