Why were there masked men with guns in the Market Square Nottingham

Did you see or hear the guns firing in the Old Market Square in Nottingham today ?

Adam Collins (man on the bike) is ex Royal Marines and is now a stuntman, Adam and his team were shooting a scene for his film called Heart of Chaos.

The crew were set up from around 3:30am and shooting commenced at around 4:30am in the Old Market Square, the area was sealed off with security on hand to keep the public out of the zone where the blank ammunition was being fired.


Photography by 

Nottingham Wedding Photographer Austen Blakemore




Eastwood Hall Wedding Mr And Mrs Dakin

Venue: Eastwood Hall

Bride: Katrina

Groom: Jamie

Wedding Date: 27th May 2016

Date Booked: 29th January 2014

Makeup: Lilly Monroes (Tamla and Danielle) 

I know I don't post enough on my blog but I think this was warrants writing about........

What an amazing day to have a wedding !!

Yes thats right Katrina and Jamie chose an amazing day to celebrate their wedding as they will now share it with my birthday :-)

Katrina and Jamie booked me 2 1/2 years in advance as they wanted to make sure they secured my wedding photography service far enough in advance so no one else could book it.

Everything was hosted at the stunning Eastwood Hall wedding venue where Katrina would have her bridal prep captured from 9am all ready for their 12:30 ceremony.

The day ran so smoothly and everyone was completely relaxed during the bridal prep, after all we were in the great hands of Lilly Monroes for hair and makeup, having plenty of time and a lovely relaxed environment allows me to capture and create some stunning images.

The weather really could not have been any better, its was warm enough to not have to worry about wearing a jacket or not but just right for a bride in a stunning wedding dress.

My whole goal for the day was to capture beautiful, natural and relaxed images of both katrina and Jamie's children and of course their wedding guests throughout the day, however is was hungry for one particular shot.........THE SUNSET !!!!

As a Nottingham wedding photographer who has worked at Eastwood Hall on so many occasions I know all the best places for capturing images that I know will suit my style and the way I work.

We managed everything on their wedding day from superb Sunsets to amazing popping open the champagne bottle images, we did it all and what an amazing end to my birthday celebrations than capturing a beautiful sunset and having a beer with the the groom.

Katrina and Jamie thank you so much for choosing Austen Blakemore Photography to capture such a truly awesome Nottingham Wedding.

Below are just a FEW of the images taken on their wedding day, please feel free to leave any comments below for Katrina and Jamie


Austen Blakemore

Day Out At RAF Conningsby

Monday the 9th May has been booked in my diary as a day off for nearly 3 months !!

We started out at 8am and made a leisurely drive to photograph the fighter jets at RAF Conningsby, we were luck enough to be able to photograph on both sides of the fence !!

At 1pm we were collected from the main gates and taken inside this most amazing Airbase  and shown round by Kev.

We even managed to sit inside an RAF Typhoon, this is probably something I will not forget in a long time and not everyday you get to be shown round an RAF base and sit inside an £80m fighter jet.

Here are a few images taken from my day off, I feel extremely privileged to have been shown around and experience this.

Austen Blakemore


Yeldersley Hall Wedding Mr And Mrs Parsons

Venue: Yeldersley Hall

Bride: Marie

Groom: Nathan

Wedding Date: 11th May 2016

Date Booked: 6th January 2015

I don't often find the time to write a blog post about every wedding I photograph but today is an exception and i'm here writing this less than 24 hours after their Derbyshire wedding at Yeldersley Hall.

Marie's bridal prep was at their family home in Ilkeston, I arrived at 10am where everyone was in great spirt and the pombears were on full flow !!!!

We really did have a great time and, Dad arrived an saw his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, then it was time for me to make my way to Yeldersley Hall to capture the wedding ceremony and guests as they arrive.

I've posted below some images that should show the amazing day that Nathan and Marie had with all their family and friends around them to help celebrate.

take a look at the images and by all means leave a comment below for the bride and groom, if you need a Derby wedding photographer please feel free to contact me I would love to hear from you.


Austen Blakemore 

Breadsall Priory Wedding Mr And Mrs Spencer

Yesterday I captured this lovely intimate Breadsall Priory Wedding with Karen and Neil, their ceremonly was at 2:30pm, I arrived in good time at 1:30pm in order to be here in good time to capture Neil and his groomsmen as they awaited the bride Karen.

The weather was great, we did have a slight shower but that didn't spoil anything, Karen and Neil had a truly fantastic Breadsall Priory Wedding, thank you to all the team at Breadsall Priory for their attention to detail and giving Karen and Neil a lovely day to remember.

Here are just a few images from their day, if you are looking for a Nottingham Wedding Photographer please feel free to contact me.

Many thanks

Austen Blakemore Photography.

Nottingham Savoy Cinema Wedding

Did you know that the Savoy Cinema in Nottingham will be hosting wedding ceremonies in 2016 ?

If you are a fan of the big screen then this is for you !!

For those who have always fancied a Savoy cinema wedding then now is the time to contact them to book, I had the privilege to host a photo shoot and have a backstage look around the building, this building has so much history to it, I learnt so much on the day, I was shown an original projector that was used back in the day.

Here are just a few images takes from a mock Savoy cinema wedding.

Wedding dress: Dream wedding dress

Make up: Charlotte Moore

Hair: Kay Rhodes

Wedding Car: Scrumptious Cars (speak to Paul or Karen and mention #abp)

Nottingham wedding photographer Austen Blakemore


Harrison James Davies Baby Portraits

Congratulations to my niece Lara who gave birth to her lovely son Harrison on at 4:36am on 3/4/16 weighing 8lbs.

Lara you will make a great Mum, everyone is so proud of you for the woman you have become, life has not been easy but you get out of life what you put into it, you have turned your life round and now becoming a Mum will be the making of you.

Sheree (Sister) Jamie (brother in-law) well you are both two very proud grandparents now and I know you will be there to help and support Lara when it comes to baby sitting and obviously stepping up to the mark with the odd night feed as well ;-)

Here are a few baby Portraits I have taken of little man last week, I totally adore the image of the two of you together as he is looking out window at the world wanting to already explore every avenue.

Austen Blakemore Nottingham Portrait Photographer



Outdoor on location family portraits in Bramcote

The weather was great and I was yet again photographing the Gerry and Virtue family, both families like to keep their kids portraits up to date.

Their family portraits were taken in Bramcote park just off coventry lane, all three kids were hyper and running round making me work hard for my shoot, personally I say the parents decided to give them plenty of chocolate  so they could sit back and watch them put me through my paces.

This was a complete first for me to photograph family portraits using my new red and blue sofas I recently purchased, I've not been able to do anything like this before as our previous family car was not big enough to fit these sofas in.

Here are just a small selection of what was captured in Bramcote park, if you are looking for a Nottingham Portrait Photographer please feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much for reading this please feel free to leave any comments below.

Thank you for booking Austen Blakemore Photography

Nottingham Portrait Photographer Windsor Family

I have known Darren and Clare for many years, in fact both Darren and Clare came to my own wedding back in 2011 to my wonderful wife Kerri in the grounds of Wollaton Hall.

Their family consisted of Dad (Darren) Mum (Clare) Daughter (Madison) Son (Riley), for this famly photo shoot I would have to work fast and efficiently as both children were still very young and their attention could soon drift off into boredom if I didn't keep them entertained. 

The Windsor family were in the studio for their portraits for about 1 hour, as their children were still interested we all decided to view the images id taken on the big screen and have a laugh and a giggle at the images i had taken, I love doing this if we have time as it s a great way for my clients to already see the quality of the images i have taken, allowing them to leave my studio satisfied at the quality of their images.

Please feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you if you would like any more information or book a Nottingham Portrait Photographer for your family portraits.

Nottingham portrait Photographer

Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club Mr And Mrs Charles

Venue: Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club

Bride: Natalie

Groom: Tom

Wedding Date: 26th March 2016

Date Booked: 28th February 2016

Entertainment: Beefys Caricatures

My most memorable moment: Watching Natalie and Tom as they both couldn't wait to see what Beefy had drawn of them both ;-)


We are only in March and already I have another Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club wedding for me, today I was photographing Natalie and Tom as they say "I do" wishing the grounds of this beautiful Nottingham venue.

Natalies bridal prep was at Toms parents house in kimberley, their ceremony was at 2pm where she would very proudly travel up there with her Father and her Nan who both would walk Natalie down the isle.

The red carpet at The Nottinghamshire was covered with beautiful white petals all ready for Natalie to very proudly walk down the isle with her Nan and Father arm in arm towards her groom Tom who early awaited her.

First down the isle was their Son Noah with two stunning bridesmaids by his side as he made his way to his Daddy.

After the ceremony the heavens opened and a gale force wind struck the city of Nottingham with a vengeance, although it rained it didn't stop Natalie and Tom having a great time within the warm settings of the  Nottinghamshire.

The rain did eventually stop for a short period of time allowing the bridesmaids and best men to make their way outside and clearly celebrate in style !!!

Natalie and Tom thank you so much for booking Austen Blakemore Photography to capture your wedding day celebrations.





Derby Night Market Brides And Gowns

Derby night market event was a huge success last night, I was with the staff at Brides And Gowns for their Derby Night Market event.

I arrived at 6:30pm and already they were knee deep in customers as I pulled up in my car and conveniently parked right outside.

Both floors of this Derby store were bursting at the seams with Brides and Bridesmaids drinking bubbly as they tried on wedding dresses, shoes and tiaras. 

The prosecco and food was going down great with everyone, there were even sweet jars scattered round as you walked round this stunning derby store.  

The atmosphere was truly fantastic, if you shut your eyes and took everything in you could clearly hear the conversations where bridesmaids were laughing, joking and having a great time choosing a suitable veil to compliment their brides wedding dress.   

Nottingham Portrait Photographer Family Photos

Rosy booked me on 10/10/15 and chose me as her Nottingham Portrait Photographer because of the relaxed way I photograph and how I will work with her Grandchildren.

Rosy was mother of the groom for a wedding I photographed last year with Son Andrew and daughter in-law Emma.

Their photo shoot was booked for two hours allowing me to capture everything Rosy wanted and of course along with the beautiful relaxed photos of her Grandkids as they forget their is a camera pointing at them.

As a highly skilled Nottingham portrait photographer I work quickly and efficiently with children making sure they don't lose attention, we are constantly stopping for games and interaction (this is when I get the best photos).

Rosy thank you so much to you and your family for once again choosing Austen Blakemore Photography as your Nottingham Portrait Photographer.


Wheelie Amazing Beeston Wedding Kelly And Gaz

Venue: St John The Baptist Beeston

Bride: Kelly

Groom: Gaz

Wedding Date: 12th March 2016

Date Booked: 28th December 2015

My most memorable moment: The wheel falling off the wedding car.


The minute I finished shooting this Beeston wedding I couldn't wait to get home, back them up and have a look.

There was instantly one thing that was apparent on the day......


Some of you might of heard or seen in the local papers the wheel on Kelly's wedding car fell off on the way to St John The Baptist Church in Beeston.

How did this effect Kelly as she arrived to the church ?......NOT ONE BIT !!!!

In fact I didn't even know what had happened until after the ceremony when one of the guests told me what had happened, even as kelly was climbing out of the black Taxi you can clearly see this was not the face of a woman who's car wheel had just fallen off.

Kelly arrived to her wedding on time and completely unfazed by what had just happened less than one mile down the road, as Kelly walked down the isle you could clearly see that looking at her smile this was one very happy bride to be.

After the ceremony we started with the group shots out side the church before heading off for their evening reception.

This wedding is one I will not forget in such a long time, this will now the what I believe is the 3rd wedding for this family I have captured. #photographerforlife 

Kelly and Gaz I wish you all the best and thank you so much for choosing me as your Nottingham Wedding Photographer.


Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club Mr And Mrs Upton

Venue: Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club

Bride: Amanda

Groom: Gary

Wedding Date: 4th December 2015

Date Booked: 7th November 2014

Entertainment: Paul Grundle Magician

My most memorable moment: Amanda and my self had a laugh that I would be the first one to cry during the ceremony


We had a great morning at Mercure Hotel in Nottingham and Amanda was literally ready and heard up to almost run down the isle to husband to be Gary.

As with so many of my weddings in 2015 I was working with Tamla and Danielle from Lilly Monroes has And Makeup  I love working this very talented sister team, be sure to have a look anther website for more information.

Amanda was picked up by her stunning vintage car just before 1pm, all ready for her arrival to walk donw the isle at 1:30pm, as always she was greeted by Claire and the team at The Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club who were on hand to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it always does at The Nottinghamshire.

Amanda was to walk down the isle with her father who would give her away to husband to be Gary, Gary was cool although I must admit a little nervous he was playing thing very cool, not ever a drop of sweat to be seen on this very lucky mans brow.

Entertainment in the evening was supplied by none other than the very talented Paul Grundle Magician, as always when ever Paul is in the room the guests are mesmerised by his magic trick and entertained by his lighthearted comedy and entertainment, don't forget to view Mr And Mrs Brown blog where Paul was also their magician.

Amanda and Gary...... Where do I start, you were both so relaxed and enjoyable to work with, Amanda your laughter was congatious, I will never forget your speeches for such a long time as I'm sure you will never forget your hangover the next day.


Thank you so much for booking Nottingham Wedding Photographer Austen Blakemore


Wollaton Park Portrait Photography

Location: Wollaton Park

I have known Lily and her Mum Lisa for many years and I have photographed their family a few times before, Lisa want her daughter Lily's portraits updating as the last time I photographed her was probably about 2 years ago if not more.

We were on location for around 90 mins, it was cold but not cold enough that we ever had to stop work and find shelter, we manage to photograph in the Orangery which was nice as there was no wind.

I love photographing with natural light and today was one of those days where we were able to photograph with little or no flash at all.

Here are just a few images taken on the day, please don't forget to contact me if you would like to book.

many thanks

Austen Blakemore


Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club Mr And Mrs Brown

Venue: Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club

Bride: Hollie

Groom: Lewis

Wedding Date: 20th January 2016

Date Booked: 23rd March 2015

Entertainment: Paul Grundle Magician

My most memorable moment: Look on the Hollies face when she saw their photo taken in the rain


I arrived at 9:30am to a stunning house just set back down a little lane, a knock at the door and Dad opens the door "Good luck there women are straight through there"

The atmosphere was so relaxed, I was in great company here working with faces I already knew, our makeup artist was Samantha at 107 Health And Beauty based in Long Eaton.

Hollie and Lewis's wedding time was at 1pm and as always the timings and the running of the whole event was impeccably organised by Claire and her team at The Nottinghamshire Golf And Country Club, Hollie and Lewis's sit down meal was at 4pm allowing us all plenty of time to capture images and take in such a lovely atmosphere and surrounding of this beautiful venue.

It was cold, in fact it was VERY cold but this didn't spoil the mood and it sure as well didn't stop anyone smiling and having a laugh, as always with most of my bookings the entertainment was supplied by the fantastic Paul Grundle Magician.

Claire one day a bride will ask you for a box of Black Magic Chocolates just be on your tippy toes ready ;-) (joke between me and Claire who runs the events at The Nottinghamshire)

Hollie and Lewis thank you so much for booking Austen Blakemore Photography

Text "is my date available: and your wedding date to 07976654321


If you are looking for a Nottingham Wedding Photographer I would love to hear from you on my contact page if you like my work.

Nottingham Photographer The Johnson Family

Emma and Kye booked their family portrait session with me as they wanted the fun and excitement with their son Blake to be captured in my Stapleford studio.

Due to Blakes age I would have to work fast to keep his attention focused on what we needed capturing, I worked very hard to keep Blake focused and looking at the camera, I even managed to wrap myself up in toilet roll in order to have his full attention.

I was lucky enough to have captured Emma and Kye's wedding at Woodborough Hall back in 2014, we have kept in contact ever since, Emma messaged in December wanting to update their family portraits in January 2016 ready to start the new year with a smile and some beautiful images.

To book your Nottingham Portrait Photographer experience please feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you.

Sarah And Jessica Photography Lessons

Today I was with Sarah and Jessica on location at Wollaton Park for their 3 hours Photography Lessons teaching them to take control of their camera and proceed to photograph in Manual mode, Sarah and Jessica have recently started to attend my monthly camera club and decided they would like to learn more about how to operate their camera.

Both Sarah and Jessica had a very basic understanding of how to capture images in auto mode, what we needed to do was take full control and get that camera dial pointing to the "M" mode and get their creative juices flowing.

We covered how the Shutter, Aperture and ISO dials on your camera all work together and altering one for a designated effect or exposure you will need to counter balance this with one of the other two available or your exposure will be either too bright or dark.

One hour into our lesson both Sarah and Jessica were quickly able to alter the exposure of an image had it been either over exposed or under exposed and now had an understating that changing one of either Shutter Speed, Aperture or ISO we would need to see one of the others changed to compensate for the change. 

I would like to say a big thank you to Barry the parrot for his staring roll in our photography lessons today.

Here are just a few images taken on the day.

Rowton Castle Charlotte And Wayne

Venue: Rowton Castle

Bride: Charlotte

Groom: Wayne

Wedding Date: 2nd January 2016

Date Booked: 25th May 2015

My most memorable moment: Capturing my most wonderful family photo of my career.


Charlotte has followed my work on my Facebook Page for many years and has always said "when I get married your my photographer"

May 25th Charlotte calls me and I cal already hear the excitement in her voice.....

Austen get your diary open i’m getting married

Charlotte and Wayne's wedding day was finally here, although it was a cold winters day the weather was great and everyone was in great spirits.

Charlotte's bridal preparations were in the brand new Tower House suite offering a luxurious bathroom and stunning twin bedded room, Charlotte was having a great time as everyone ate eclairs and drank champagne during the morning.

Wayne was relaxed (well ok a little nervous) in the morning but was having a great time with his kids in the grounds of Rowton Castle outside whilst his bride Charlotte was preparing at the other end of the building.

The ceremony's great and there were tears to be captured and smiles throughout the entire day, everyone had a truly fantastic time, even Charlotte managed to dance on a few tables after we had pack up and gone !!

Charlotte and Wayne thank you so much for booking Austen Blakemore Photography to capture the emotion of your day.

Text "is my date available: and your wedding date to 07976654321


I would love to hear from you on my contact page if you like my work.

Routine Castle 1
Rowton Castle_0001.jpg
Rowton Castle